I Wore Make Up For My No Make Up Selfie


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*Shock horror* I’m an awful person. I took part in an internet campaign without wholly following the rules (!)
Really, I just didn’t was off the tiny amount make up I’d already had on for 7 hours before I took the picture; the acne was out and my eyes had nothing drawing attention to them so disappeared in between my hamster cheeks and four finger forehead, so it counts. Chill. 
I didn’t follow the route of this girl…



To be honest, I was really reluctant to do the selfie in the first place as I didn’t get how it could help but then it started being reported that £1 million had been raised for Cancer Research UK, I joined in and £2 million is the latest figure I’ve heard has been raised. Also, is a campaign that encourages girls to ditch make up and realise there those out there that are far worse off, in selfish world obsessed with image really something to shout down? Nope, not at all. 

The one thing that has made me incredibly sad about this whole thing though is that, being honest, I and so many others wouldn’t have bothered giving £3 or any amount to charity if we hadn’t been publicly challenged to do so and that’s a damn shame. Last night, Sports Relief raised £15 million, which is FANTASTIC! But it only happened because it was made into a big publicity stunt that involved celebrities going through all kinds to shove the need for money in people’s faces. 

Thinking of others isn’t enough, but doing even the tiniest thing like take a make up less (or make up full if you’re boy) photo can really help.

Be creative, be human, be a human helping. 



The End Of Silence


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It’s been a while since I’ve posted and to be honest, it’s because I’be had nothing yet everything to say and now I’m aware people actually read my posts I want them to be good and worth it. I want my art to matter.



I’ve had a tough couple of weeks namely to do with friends and I want to help them and help myself  but I’ve started to see the things that are bothering me about them are evident in me too. So I’m a hypocrite right?





Wrong. I’m a human being. I’m a young person who likes to be sure of themselves and of life but really they have no real idea about any of it. And that’s ok. 

I can’t positively affect and help every single thing I come across but I can try. 

I can’t write something that every single person is going to respond to so powerfully that it becomes their life mantra but I can try. 

I can’t always find it easy to go through things but I can try. 

And that’s what matters.

Why So Serious?!


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Over sensitivity leading to the inability to be teased, despite the fact you can blatantly give it is something that puts me on the biggest downer and completely pisses me off. There is so much awfulness going on in the world that even if you don’t quite find the joke hilarious, if it is glaringly obvious that it is not intended to offend then laugh anyway! – The world needs more laughter not more grumpiness for goodness’ sake!

This carries over to the anger by some at Jared Leto playing a transgender woman even though he is male. It is highly documented how much effort and care he took to perform his role in the Dallas Buyer’s Club and the fact the film is so gaining so much attention and bringing the rarely depicted life of a transgender person to the foreground is because it has cast that includes people like him. Be appreciative that he wants to being light to that person’s story, be gracious in judging his acting performance not his gender otherwise you’re as bad as those who judge transgender people for being such. Image

Political correctness is breeding over sensitivity to issues and not allowing light in.


Stop being grumpy and complaining at something for the sake of it. Learn to laugh at yourself and appreciate it as much as when people want to honour your story.

I Don’t Have A Mental Illness; I Have Quirks


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I have a tattoo with yellow on it to represent the ribbon for suicide awareness, one person I know who committed suicide was paranoid schizophrenic, two were depressed. Two of my closest friends suffer from anxiety so does my mum with a side of paranoia. I look back at my life and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint moments in which I have been depressed, I have the scars to prove it. 

We’re all just like you but with something extra. 

It is hard and difficult and draining and exhausting and down right destroying at it’s worst but at it’s best, going so low can only make the highs, even the small ones, that much higher. It breaks me to have people I love hurt so much and to die, it upsets them that I hurt myself but I wouldn’t change any of it; it made us stronger as individuals and in our relationships and now I have a few more people to help me through the pearly gates when it’s my time and to be my guardian angels until then.

We’re all just like you but with something extra.  



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I talk to God as much as I talk to Satan ’cause I want to hear both sides
I know that GOD is GOoD and the dEVIL is EVIL but to make an informed decision I think you need to know, respect, acknowledge and understand both sides, it is only then that you can prepare for the outcomes that are possible. Forewarned is forearmed. Temptation is real and ever present and it is not worth delving in to for the sake of one moment of happiness, one high but you can only learn and believe that if you open yourself up to the true wonder of good. 
And this is no miraculous life 
Maybe you don’t believe in miracles or at least miracles that don’t believe that anything miraculous has ever happened in your life or the fact that you are alive is at all miraculous but, as a doctor in One Tree Hill tells Nathan, ‘birth is the everyday miracle’. You don’t have to have the entire universe to honour you as extraordinary because those who to you mean the world, see you and love you as more than you could ever imagine. 
I savour hate as much as I crave love
If you can hate someone, you can love them. Hate is safer than love because with hate you know you’re going to get hurt but with love you don’t, it’s the surprise that kills you. However, feeling any emotion towards anyone shows that you have an amount of care for them. Savour hate because it shows care. Crave love because it shows good. 
Well I look up to God and I see trouble
Nothing is easy. Life isn’t easy. 
But it’s all worth it.


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I don’t believe in good and bad people because that would make me a judge and only God can judge. I believe in seeing the good in everything and everyone because God is in everything and everyone.


Everyone comes from somewhere and has justifications for why they are the way they are whether you agree or not. Remember that next time you come across a stranger. I try to.

Working Hard Is Hard Work


Approaching the edge of my educational life, knowing full well the joy of fantastic results  I’ve really worked for and the despair and demotivating nature of bad ones, I look back and see the common thread of it all has been working hard and not giving up. This is something that I’ve had to take in to the world of work too, that I have began to dabble in.


It has been really difficult and it’s not going to get easier, I’ve come to accept this but I’ve also decided that self belief and strong relationships are so incredibly important. I have never thought myself to be the most attractive, the smartest, the most popular, the greatest in anyway but I know that we are fearfully and wonderfully made so we can do anything. Yes, sometimes, often even one must try and try again and yes, the definition of madness is trying something again and again and expecting a different result but we’re all mad here! A support system gets you through, self belief starts you off.



Do not be afraid; only believe.

Typed Words Are Dangerous


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Being apart physically from someone often leads to speaking more through the medium of texts and Facebook chat, which is great but carries risks. This is especially when you’re at the beginning of a relationship so even if you know and love each other you don’t quite know the other person’s sensitivities, what words and phrases are going to particularly upset them or why. So you must reinforce that you said what you said out of love but still explain yourself and your choice of words so you can move forward with a mutual understanding.

It makes it even more difficult when you’re at a stage of life at which loads of opportunities are opened up and you want to get out there and experience everything possible but if you’re not careful, the other person will feel left out and as if their opinion does not matter. One must not forget this. To me the ideal relationship involves, both doing whatever they please but respecting the other’s opinions, asking and acknowledging them yet ultimately supporting and loving each other even when we disagree. You’re equal parts of a couple not parent and child. Be careful how you talk about this, especially when using systems that are difficult to express emotions through. 



Don’t forget that a person who wants to take care of you, does it because they love you. They love YOU, the individual, the independent human being, the messy ball of issues and madness that you are and they want to protect that. There’s no use in arguing over misunderstood ways of phrasing other then to make sure it doesn’t happen again, it shouldn’t be a be all and end all though; love’s too important to give up so easily. 

Friends May Come And Go, But The Ones That Stay Are The Ones That Glow


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As I get older, I’m realising that I no longer have a ‘best friend’. This is because, those I referred to as best friend are my only friends really, I’ve grown up and grown over drama and hassle and being treated poorly with double standards. Everyone deserves to have moments of being sad, angry, burt, snappy, drunk, moody, aggressive, tired, boring, pessimistic and still be wanted, loved, not judged and forgiven. You should be able to be the older version of yourself, the most negative version of yourself, the most immature version, the most needy, the best, the worst and still not be challenged, confronted or not forgiven even if the only positive alternative is be forgiven and forgotten. 



Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. 70×7 times. 



Are you fighting for something that is worth it, or are you just too stubborn to let go? Negativity is not necessary in anyone’s life. It’s not necessarily selfish to let go, it can be beneficial for both involved. It can be hard and difficult but worth it. The struggle of saying good bye only means you’ve been lucky to have positivity in your life at some point. Everyone deserves happiness and friends and everyone will find them at some point, just be patient, be aware and don’t be afraid to have high standards to stick to.