Lonely in a crowded room missing being alone in a quite place and loving it.

I’m leaving home for 4 months in another country soon and I’m currently in my first ‘proper’ relationship. People won’t leave me alone. They’re either crowding me cos they’ll miss me, or they’re my boyfriend who I adore but I can’t stand the prerequisite that we must talk alllllllll the time. I miss being able to turn off my phone, computer and escaping with a book for a whole day and not returning to a tonne of messages saying ‘babe, are you ok?’, ‘how come you’re not replying?’, ‘what have I done?’

When did it become an offensive crime to want to shut off from the world and have some space?! Because I believe we need to go back there and stop it from happening because it is flipping annoying.

Rant over.

Peace out.