I know the title of this blog post implies I’m going to tell you all about myself but instead I am going to take the Orange advert approach of ‘I am who I am because of everyone’ and tell you about them instead hence the ‘Inspiration’.

My faith inspires me to keep going, no matter how tough it gets. Everything is going to be ok as long as I trust in my God.

My family to me, is a cross between the Addams Family and the Brady Bunch but I love most of them all the same. The successful ones make me want to be successful with words of encouragement and knowledge of what to do next. The less successful ones inspire me to persevere, to look into every option until I have met my dreams and exceeded my expectations.

My friends inspire me to be different because they are. They each know themselves as much as teenage girls can, they are as comfortable in themselves and they know and are comfortable with me. That makes me be myself so much more. Never be sorry that you different be sorry the others are the same. Recently, I have also been inspired by the actions of some to not put up with more than is necessary, that saying ‘no’ and ‘good bye’ is sometimes actually the best thing for all those involved.

Music inspires me. It is the soundtrack to my life and despite the corniness of it all, it really matters to me. Music is always there in a shape or form, people aren’t. Music is individual to every person who hears and makes it, I think people are the same. Someone may see me as a friend or foe, a daughter or danger.


I have inside of me so many parts, so many dimensions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes and moods, we all do. We should celebrate this more and we should be open to accepting all of these parts of a person, it’s the only way relationships can work.