So needed to read this! I recognised at least 12 of these in a former friend and only 1 of these things I myself (which I am officially working on). Confident to see this friend now, knowing that we separated for a reason and life is still great, only getting better!

Thought Catalog

1. Must have a unique and zany ability to always turn the conversation back to them. “OMG, so they’re saying that the tumor on your stomach might’ve metastasized? God, that reminds me SO MUCH of the time I got mono senior year of high school. I feel you, girl. Hugs and tickles!”

2. Must make you feel vaguely uncomfortable at all times. Thoughts like, “If this person is supposed to be one of my best friends, why do I always feel so weird around them?” should enter your mind often!

3. Must be totally fair-weather!!! “Wow, you have a plus one to the major party event of the year? I’ll be there in 60 seconds, girlfriend! Oh, you’re sick with the flu and need chicken soup? Oh, you just got dumped and need a shoulder to lean on? Oh. You know, I have really bad shoulders and am a staunch…

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