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It confuses me that parents and children do not have a intrinsic bond that enables them to like each other, only perhaps love each other because they have to;
Apparently children owe their parents so their parents needn’t do a good job to earn praise;
Apparently people can decide when they want to be parents, when a child is a child;
Apparently the gender of the parental couple affects whether or not they can parent;
It confuses me that I can tell my mother I don’t like her and she can return, but I cannot say I love her.

It confuses me that people enter, supposed to be life lasting marriages knowing that there are things about their partner they truly detest;
Apparently the likes of Elizabeth Taylor can marry 8 times but homosexuals ruin the sanctity of marriage;
Apparently it’s laid-back and almost cool for people to admit they don’t think marriage is forever;
Apparently it’s ok for an 8 year old to be promised to a 40 year old because that’s their country’s culture;
It confuses me that ‘romantics’ settle for a contract and a big party that can be gone back on fairly easily.

It confuses me that the majority of cultures find rape completely wrong but the phrase ‘asking for it’ is bandied about in everyday conversation;
Apparently in a relationship, sex is always on the table and the issue is with the person who refuses;
Apparently ‘sexual sin’ is far greater than any other though God is not actually recorded as saying so;
Apparently feminism is a concrete belief but ‘masculinism’ is yet to be established because men can ‘deal’;
It confuses me that many cultures place sex on a pedestal but rape is a ‘go-to’ punishment/abuse.

It confuses me that humans are social beings that naturally dislike loneliness but many would rather sit (hide) behind a screen than face their loved ones and socialise;
Apparently how a sentiment is expressed, text, email, face-to-face, doesn’t matter, the feeling remains;
Apparently actions no longer have to match up to words;
Apparently people can do what they want because it can all be hidden;
It confuses me that we want to save the earth but we won’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as we could.

It confuses me that honesty is the best policy but political correctness affects directness.