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I have a tattoo with yellow on it to represent the ribbon for suicide awareness, one person I know who committed suicide was paranoid schizophrenic, two were depressed. Two of my closest friends suffer from anxiety so does my mum with a side of paranoia. I look back at my life and I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint moments in which I have been depressed, I have the scars to prove it. 

We’re all just like you but with something extra. 

It is hard and difficult and draining and exhausting and down right destroying at it’s worst but at it’s best, going so low can only make the highs, even the small ones, that much higher. It breaks me to have people I love hurt so much and to die, it upsets them that I hurt myself but I wouldn’t change any of it; it made us stronger as individuals and in our relationships and now I have a few more people to help me through the pearly gates when it’s my time and to be my guardian angels until then.

We’re all just like you but with something extra.